Its been a really busy few weeks and now have quite a lot of artwork completed and ready for sale in various formats!

Fabric, Paper, photography, phone cases, greeting cards - I am really enjoying adapting my artwork and designs to different formats and I really hope you guys like what you see. 

I think its great to be able to brighten up your everyday with unique pieces of art.

The internet has really opened up a world of possibilities for independent designers and its thrilling to think that people all over the world can view my art and make it part of their life.

Websites like Minted and Zazzle are fantastic and allow me to reach a huge market place. Also the other artist are so friendly - I have been helped immensely by other forum members and bloggers - thanks guys!

If you can think of any more applications where my art work could be used please let me know - it would be great to get your feedback.

here are some links to the online stores - if you would like any information just email me.


thanks for reading,