Its been a busy summer! heres a recap on what I've been up to through July and August.

July is a great time of year, summer is fully in bloom and thoughts turn to days out and long warm evenings. I also had to juggle these thoughts with finalising designs for my Christmas card and wrap products that are available on

I must admit it felt a little unusual to be sat in the sun with a cold glass of wine whilst sketching ideas for Christmas prints but its essential that all my work is finished off now so it can be ready for ordering and delivery in December. 

The end of July saw the start of the school holidays, I have fond memories from my own childhood of the long summer holidays - sunny and carefree. I kept my 3 daughters busy with arts and crafts and trips to the swimming pool and it was great to relax from the usual routine.

And then before I knew it, the August bank holiday was here and school was imminent! Back to routines, after school clubs, homework etc but its not all bad - Autumn is just around the corner and for someone who loves being outdoors taking photographs Autumn is just the best!

summer... got the hit the beach, right?

summer... got the hit the beach, right?