This is my first blog for a while, as I've been really busy with my photography and getting new designs ready for my stores.

Valentines Day is upon us which is great - I always think of it as kind of an unofficial marker that winter is finally coming to an end. I love frosty winter morning walks with the family and it can be great for photography but after 3 months of the cold and dark I'm ready for some light and colour!

In the UK Valentines Day is aimed at loved up couples but I've learned over the last couple of years just how big it is in the US and that it has a much broader appeal with people using it to send love to friends and family. I love this idea and hope it catches on in the UK.

Its also a popular time of year for engagements and wedding announcements. I've been working on a new range of cards and stationery which can be personalised to send to friends and family, as its such an important event I feel the addition of a beautiful design along with a photograph of the couple really makes an emotional impact . These have proved to be really popular on my zazzle store and are selling well.

My thoughts are now turning to Spring - new birth and new growth in nature and I will be looking at designs for Easter, birth announcements and graduation amongst other events.

I'm adding new designs to my zazzle store all the time so please check it out and follow me on twitter for regular updates,